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Meteor Story

The Story

Sid Lal's Blog

Cruising Through Time

A New Heart

A Refined Glide

A Refined Glide


Meteor 350 Mirrors
Meteor 350 Headlight
Meteor 350 Fuel Tank
Meteor 350 Seat
Meteor 350 Taillight
Meteor 350 Base Structure



Meteor - 360 View
Meteor 350 Supernova Blue Price in Canada

Supernova Blue

Meteor 350 Supernova Brown Price in Canada

Supernova Brown

Meteor 350 Stellar Red Price in Canada

Stellar Red

Meteor 350 Stellar Blue Price in Canada

Stellar Blue

Meteor 350 Stellar Black Price in Canada

Stellar Black

Meteor 350 Fireball Red Price in Canada

Fireball Red

Meteor 350 Fireball Yellow Price in Canada

Fireball Yellow

*Images are for representation purposes only. The actual product may differ from those shown. **3-year unlimited miles warranty. ***Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) excludes any added accessories to the base model, destination and handling fees, tax, title, license and registration. Dealer prices may vary.

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