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On the last of five days of fun with the Toronto community, Royal Enfield invites you to ride out into a neighboring town for a fully loaded celebration. Venture into the total town takeover of Acton Ontario, and spend a day in the world or Royal Enfield as a mini-city for the North America Twins Launch. Demoing the new models, riding through dirt courses, and painting on abandoned buildings is only the beginning. Motorcycle endorsement on license required to demo. Keep an eye out for updates on information regarding entertainment, activities, giveaways, and so much more. Visit for the entire tour breakdown. This event will be held from 10am to 5pm pending weather.


1 Day


Town Takeover in Acton


Demos will be held on paved roads


Free Admission

Royal Enfield Activations

Event Itinerary

Demo Rides

Demo rides start at 10am and go until 5pm. Be sure to bring appropriate riding gear (jacket, pants, over the ankle shoes, gloves, and a helmet) as well as a valid drivers license. The 650 Twins, The Classic, and The Himalayan will all be available for demo rides. All rides are first come first serve. Passangers must also have appropriate gear and are required to fill out a waiver. You may ride more than motorcycle, or any motorcycle more than once.


Local Vendors

Thanks to local flavor, we will have a handful of special guests at our event including: An ice cream truck, local dealers, food trucks, face painting, a fire breather, and more. All of which will be available to visitors from gates open to close.


Live Art

Come and watch as one of Toronto's most well known artists work in person.