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Twin seats for my Thunderbird
  • Twin seats for my Thunderbird

    created by: Navin12:00 AMMon, January 5, 2004
  • Hey guy is there any bulleter around who will tell me exactly if i can fit the twin seats on my Thunderbird. I have already fit gas shocks on my tb the seats are too hard and my arse starts burning afrter even a short pillion ride. My Thunderbird is in Coimbatore and people asked me to change the seat cushion to softer ones from Koyas apholsery coimbatore. I have got the twin seats from Chennai. Guys some one got to reply positive. Take care guys.


    12:00 AM Thu, January 8, 2004
  • hey man
    i dont think there will be any problem fitting a twin saddle on ur tbird
    the only thing that will require adjustments is ur handle bar as the seat height will differ from the original one....but the tbird seat has one advantage.....soft seats sink u in them so the fatigue experienced by you is more than that on hard seats...the twin saddles that i fit on my 500 have just one inch of foam and that too of a hard variety....keeps u alert too...the rest is upto u