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Porting - what is that?
  • Porting - what is that?

    created by: chinmay12:00 AMFri, April 16, 2004
  • just hrd this term called porting . of valve heads i guess ..wat is it and how is it of help ..techies plz oblige !

  • Chacko Jacob

    12:00 AM Sun, May 9, 2004
  • Porting is the art of removing material from your intake and exhaust ports in order to create better intake and exhaust flow. If done correctly , it can raise horsepower. It is a must for any highly modified engine which is expected to have a high specific output.

  • Hemant Verma

    12:00 AM Mon, May 24, 2004
  • As dedw already said is about basically increasing and decreasing the sizes of the inlet and exhaust valves in your engine. This is most of the time done to increase the Hp of the engine and can lead to the bike beinmg tremendously powerfull .. a lot of people do it and then..they ride the bikein the corner of the streets trying to make an iddentifying mark.
    something like " the pleasure of driving a bullet is at the fourth gear and going at the slowest speed possible.
    My 2 dimes on what head porting is all about


  • mughilan ramajayam

    12:00 AM Mon, May 31, 2004
  • buy an imported ported piston and then do all the minor but crucial changes to the Head will do a great job. This involves angle of present valves, stainless stell exh / inl valves, improved crank / bearings, exhaust system, filter, carb rejet and some more tech areas all which have to be met with considering the power increase so that u dont burn up the piston.
    In India till date we have no one yet who can make perfect Sleeves so Piston Porting is something never to be tried with any Engineer unless u wanna to do some R& D and land in a soup.
    Porting of sleeves even if gone wrong by a couple of microns is a job in the dumps. All in all porting means scrapping of some metal of the existing to have better combustion and power delivery.
    My firend Anand has done it at a price and his 350 runs to 135+ in 20 to 25 seconds tops out at 140.
    From my point of view the Bullet SIMPLY does not require all this stuff it runs better the way it is leisurely like a steam engine.
    enjoy the ride thats the fun of it dont do any porting and mods.

  • pravin gaikwad

    12:08 PM Mon, January 7, 2013
  • "The Pleasure Of Driving A Bullet Is At The Fourth Gear And Going At The Slowest Speed Possible." Same here man..