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Somebuddy Pick up
  • Somebuddy Pick up

    created by: Chaitanya12:00 AMMon, July 12, 2004
  • Pals,

    Help me out on this.

    My thumper will turn 9 this month. As it nears its b'day, trouble is increasing:
    1. I start my Thumper. Shift gears, after running for some 15-20 second on the top gear, I turn the Accelerator Lever almost fully. I see my Speedo, it says 50KMPH, I see to my left, only a snail hasn't overtaken me, all others are way ahead.

    2. At times when I kick the start lever, a sound comes that resembles sound that comes when you put a Metallic in a well of water and just before it fully sinks, a BLOUP sound comes.

    3. Thumper drinks too much of Xtra Premium, Speed93, Power. What should I do?

    Should this continue, I am planning to divorce my Thumper before her 10th B'day and go for either a Machismo, or an Electra or THE THUNDERBIRD. Advice on that as well.



  • Rakesh M Nair

    12:00 AM Tue, July 13, 2004
  • hi pls give more details as regards to current condition of filter(oil as well as air),carb settings and condition,ignition timing,clutch plates condition and spark plug gap and condition.
    Ur problem cud be a combination or any one from above.
    Peace and dont panic.

  • Rajiv Prashar

    12:00 AM Wed, July 14, 2004
  • Dear Friend,

    Did you have the clutch plates checked. If the bike is not picking up speed with full throtttle, then clutch plates are a prime suspect.

    Do send me your feedback.

  • harrison mwangi

    12:00 AM Sun, July 18, 2004
  • how is the compression on your bike?does the kick gets hard enough that you can stand on it? does the bike make any kickbacks?2 things u surely need to do is to check your clutchplates and rejet your carb.....thats about it to make your bullet GOLD again...would just require certain small adjustments if the condition of the piston is alright and there is no need to change it....look for sounds from the piston and bearings....if there is slapping sound form the piston, first try an oil change, if the problem goes, Hooraah ur piston is in great shape coz ur oil was just tooo thin...i suggest u put Shell Helix 20/50 Grade Oil in ur bike...reply back once you've checked everything and also see that your spark plug is in good shape and the gap is 0.25 MM.