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Faulty Bike come to me....
  • Faulty Bike come to me....

    created by: Dinesh 05:34 PMWed, January 27, 2016
  • Hi All,

    I have purchased royal enfield thunderbird 350cc in June- 2015;

    My current odo is 7550km but I drove max to max 3000km by me and rest of the odo reading is of showroom to resolve the problems of Bike;

    On same day I noticed that there is a problem in engine, I was pointed out that to PDI person but he said in each royal enfield bike there is tappet sound and don't worry will set automatically after 1000km;

    After 2-3 days I again visited to showroom to show another problem i.e. Handle feel is like cycle; it means when you press the break the bike handle goes forward; they have tight the screw of handle; it works for 2 weeks again;

    During first servicing, I was asked for engine tik tik sound problem they used to say there is a sound in each bike;

    Finally there is another branch of that showroom "Kings Autorider";  I visited there with handle issue and engine issue;

    they found that the part under handle bar was totally wastage and there was problem in my tbd;

    They have done below work:

    1. Tappet change

    2. Head work done

    3. Oil Pump change

    4. part change in Handle to avoid looseness in handle bar

    I have handed over my bike 5 times within 6 months of time span but still problem is exist in the bike;

    Now, Yesterday only I have handed over my bike to them; they are working on replacement of engine head to resolve the problem; Hope so it will work;

    My expectation from Royal Enfield:

        PDI person needs to check bikes properly before delivering to customer

       Also QA cycle needs to improve