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About the Worst Service Experience at your dealer Classic Motorchycles @ Vavin Ambattur Industrial Estate Chennai which purchasing Buller Classic 350.
  • About the Worst Service Experience at your dealer Classic Motorchycles @ Vavin Ambattur Industrial Estate Chennai which purchasing Buller Classic 350.

    created by: SENTHIL12:57 PMThu, January 28, 2016
  • Here I would like to share about the experience in the Company / Company authorized showroom Classic Motorcycles @ Vavin Ambattur Industrial Estate Chennai.
    I booked a Bullet 350 classic Lagoon Blue on 27-Nov-2015 and was given a tentative delivery date with 30 days waiting period as Dec 2015. I guess you all know that chennai was devastated by two spells of rain in Flood on in Nov mid and the other in Dec 1st week which also caused flooding of RE plant in chennai affecting production. This was very well understood and I could come to terms that the delivery will be delayed for my bike.
    It was in Jan 1st week that I started following up with the dealer and the response was very worst with no clue on when the bike will be coming to showroom - "come-on" people you are (RE)  proud to say that you the oldest motorcycle manufacturer in the world and you cant even have a system in place to intimate the dealer on the delivery date of bike that the customer has booked.
    My intention was to get the bike during the festival season of Pongal which is also a auspicious time down south. Suddenly then I got a call from the dealer on 11-Jan-15 that the bike is ready and asking me to make the payment. Since I was on business tour I was out of station and requested the dealer whether the payment can be made on 14th Jan 2016 and registration on the subsequent week. For which the dealer said that 14th may be a leave on account of Boghi & 15 to 17 on account of pongal and Sunday. So I went to the dealer on 18th and gave a cheque for the  balance payment. To my surprise I was told that the showroom was open on 14th ( however the dealer didn't even bother to inform me --- what a great customer service provided by the dealer who only handles a few customer compared with mass bike sellers purchasing this cult motorcycle). On making payment on 18th Jan I requested registration on 20th or 21st Jan which the dealer said is not possible and hence I requested for 27th Jan which the dealer said was OK.
    Here I would like to point out one think that the dealer gave me a original receipt of Rs. 1,38,669/- ( balance payment ) and said I have to give back the Original receipt for the Rs. 5000 /- booking I made and said that He usually collect that... Come on people as a party who has paid money I am entitled for the original receipt from the receiving party / vendor. what is this non-sense following by the dealer. I denied this and said I will only give a copy of the receipt if he wants it for his reference ( he should have a reference already and should not be requesting me in the first place ).
    After this I got a call on 25th for the registration on 27th Jan and requesting for document ( 1 address proof & 4 Passport Size Photo ) to be given on the date of registration. My first bike ( Pulsar 150 cc which I am still using & in good condition ) was registered on 29-Jan-2003 so for Sentimental reason I requested the dealer whether the registration can be pushed to 29-Jan-2016 which he agreed.
    Today 28-Jan-16 I went to the showroom @ 10:30 am to give the documents and very coolly the person at the dealership says that the registration will be done on monday 1-Feb-2016. Upon reasoning the dealer says that they have 11 bike for registration on friday 29th Jan and hence doesn't have manpower to do registration. The said registration is possible if I come to the showroom in the morning and take the bike to the RTO office complete the registration and take delivery of the bike upon registration completion....... Is this the service I deserve for having paid close to Rs. 1.5 Lac . The person in the showroom was saying that the mistake was mine as I only pushed the registration from 27th Jan to 29th Jan for which I said that had he informed me that 29th was not possible I would have done the registration on 27th Jan itself which he didn't . I hope you understand who's fault is this all......
    Through out this purchase process I feel that I have not been fairly treated and didn't even get the minimal amount of service that a customer who has paid money and purchased something should have got.
    Come on RE you can be a cult motorcycle manufacturer and have your own terms however I would like to point out that many of the new purchasers of your bike is Younger generation of India and if the treatment is like then then people will look beyond RE. Coming year many motorcycle brand are going to come to India and you will simple loose your business.
    I need not tell what happened to Nokia which had the same attitude towards people ( " People will buy what we manufacture and how we sell it and service it" ).
    I hope someone in Royal Enfield takes not of this and takes some corrective action.