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first ride ever to goa for a weekend !

Weekend ride to Goa

For the first time ever had decided to go goa by my machine and the day arrived in april 2012.

It was a regular friday, just like all other regular 9 to 5 corporate workers i was in a day shift in my office but for me the day was full with excitement and thrilling feeling because after the work i was ready to go to the paradise GOA to meet my friend i have never met before personally and to explore the places around.

my ride started with shivering hands and legs as this was my first ever longest solo ride and was bit nervous if i could make it or not .

after riding through start of NH 17 I was like its okay kind off roads but there were no street light at all which was making me a bit scary situations while overtaking slow moving long vehicles at late night.

a regular speed of 60-70kmph maintained to give fuel efficient to my machine also was praying at times to get though the night and sun to rise...

as i started the ghats of mahabaleshwar i felt the cold misty air and my body was warm turning into cool state. i haulted at near by chai tapri and had late night awsome strong coffee and a smoke.

i started off again and till the sun got up i had crossed ratnagiri and was very much close to reach my destination.

inbetween there were ghats where i used to fell in love with the noise my machine ise to give out and the way we cruised along the curves, i just loved it.

i turned on music and one ear into music and me singing to some songs of my type house music to get some energetic feel to ride on n on as i havent slept sonce last day due to office work.

it was more than 24 hours i was awake and after 500kms i got a signboard of panjim i felt more excited to reach there

after 9 hrs of the trip it was bright sunny hot day arrived and i was on bike taking three haults at random places having 30-40mins food n drink break...

after i reached the local roads of goa naaka bandi i was happy to c myself still awake and reaching towards my destination.

i called up my friend and said "hey wassup?" she said "good morning ronak, where have you been no good night yesterday? all ok with you?" i said "well good morning and i have been just busy all night long" she asked "where have you been?" i said "just wait will call you back in sometime" and call ended

later after an hour i called her up and asked "is ther a balcony at your place?" She replied " yes ofcourse i have balcony !!" i said "can you just get out and look downstairs" she questioned me "are you here by any chance?" i didnt replied but again asked her to come towards her balcony . she saw downstairs, she replied "there's a guy looking here n there wearing a helmet limitary type and with a jacket on a silver bike or something, i dont knw whos that !" i waved my hands to her and she got surprised that its me. it was a saturday morning, basically i was suppose to sleep as i had a tiring journey for 11 hours and office of 8 hours long... but no sleep at all was in me after reaching my destination. i got ready and went our along with my friend and ecplored for the first time ever the paradise GOA.

two nights and three days were just some of the amazing time spent on shacks on the beaches, some of the finest restaurants in parts in GOA,

the best part was every place i used to hault for something the tourists and the local people used to stare on bike number plate and the bike shining in sunny day and me in helmet, still they do when i go there :P

i mean since a year i had this in my mind about Rider Mania Goa that one day i will ride all the way to goa and i made that happen not only once in april 2012 but after that month i again went there with my TBTS i call her my birdy the very alternate month July again on my birthday in august and planned again in october last weekend and the best part i m going for Rider Mania 2012 vagator Goa.

I dont know why goa attracts me so much its like am going to a place which is just few mountains away for me and a place till the time i reach its a ride full of pure nature surrounded roads and curves of the NH 17 real slim roads like never experienced before.

also experienced just a tiny issue with bike but was solved immediately as i was crossing ratnagiri phew !!!

picture abhi baaki hai mere fellow riders !!

goa is just a kick start for me to move forwards to explore my next destination which includes saddi DILLI, GUJRAT, LEH, KANYAKUMARI

Love thyself RoadJalao endless roads, endless journey

Posted On:   Monday, 08 Oct 2012 Author:  Ronak Wadhwani