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Harshit Shah's Ride From Mumbai to Lonavala

My 1st Trip on my Beast (Royal Enfield Bullet). Please read it, You will surely enjoy ??????



Hello Friends, Buying Royal Enfield Bullet with its Dug-Dug thumping sound was my dream since the year 2012.


I really can’t tell you how much I’m excited to write my great experience for a long trip on my new Royal Enfield Bullet [Classic 350 Black Beast].


Finally this was the day [i.e. 19th December 2015, Saturday], where I got an opportunity to ride my Enfield Beast all the way from Mumbai to Lonavala.


I and my friends had a pre-planned for a trip to Lonavala on my Bull. Since it was already decided to leave on 19th December 2015 early morning, we left from Mumbai [From my office, Jogeshwari] at around ?? 8.00am with full of excitement as it was my very 1st long bullet ride. Though, we had decided to leave even early, however, we got late because of some late latif [late comers] friends ????


Well, I was completely packed with my funky look helmet, jacket, boots and one of my best friends was a pillion. When we started off on regular roads, it was OK. But, as soon as we hit the NH4 highway, I felt that my Bull itself got more excited than me. ??. It was just running very smooth, much faster than any other bikes and honestly, it just felt like I was sitting on some animal like Panther ?? [Leopard] and it’s just running so faster and excitedly to get his hunt ??. Hope here, you can also feel my feelings now. ??


We had to stop at Vashi highway for few more friends/colleagues to join us. Finally, we left at around ?? 9.00am from Vashi highway all the way to Lonavala. My feeling, excitement and experience of riding this machine [Royal Enfield Bullet] were so amazing ?? that I just can’t tell you by writing my trip story. Enfield riders can understand my feelings and excitement, though ??


We had decided to go via old express highway as two wheelers are not allowed to ride on a new Pune express highway. Well, but we, unfortunately, entered on a new express highway as we didn’t know [also, there was no sign board which shows the different ways for new & old express highways]. After riding few more kms, all of a sudden, one of my friends realized that we entered new express highway and we may get caught by Traffic police ahead ??, so we all stopped on a side. Luckily, there was one guy who was waiting ???? for a Public transport on highway saw us coming and told that two wheelers are not allowed on this highway and the police would stop us ahead and will charge a fine of around Rs. 1500/-, so just don’t go ahead??. The man was really our life saver and directed us to go thru one very small lane which was luckily ?? connected between the old & new express highway. The man himself got to know that we are the riders coming all the way from Mumbai. He really helped us and saved us from the police checking at the other end of new express highway. We all appreciated him and thanked him for the help. He smiled and said, happy & safe journey. Wow, I would say, though he was unknown person, but he was a god for all of us. May god always bless him ??


So, finally we hit the old express highway which was directed by that man of god. The road of the old express highway was good, but not so smooth though. We all were also hungry and were hunting for some nice Dhaba/Hotel on highway. As we moved ahead, we found one very nice Dhaba which was cleaned enough compared to others. Since it was a Maharashtrian Dhaba, we had Misal Pav, ???? Vada Pav, which was really awesome and tasty and also had Thums up [as I’m addicted of ??]. We rested for about 30 minutes overall and then started off my machine again to reach to our destination from there.


While riding, we all were really enjoying the atmosphere out there because it was full of greenery ?????????????? on both sides of the highway and wooow, what a feeling riding this Lion on such highway. We also crossed couple of villages???? on our way. After a couple of kms, one of my friends who wanted to put in some fuel. You may not believe, but, we checked in about 6-7 petrol pumps? and there was no fuel available even at the petrol pumps. How funny it was??. Well, finally we found one Petrol Pump. He fueled his tank and we moved ahead to our Destination.


As we moved ahead, we found the tunnel and the original thumping sound of my Enfield bullet was just awesome and attracted everyone’s attention onto my Bull Machine under the tunnel and honestly friends, I was feeling like a King of the world. Ha Ha Ha ??????. I am pretty much sure that whoever rides this Bull, would surely come to know its actual feeling. Now, after couple of more kms, we reached to Ghats which come before Lonavala, and the side scenery and the vales between the hills were so beautiful and we all got even more excited. We found a very nice corner and parked our bikes/bullet and we took some pictures/selfies ???? over there. Again, it was a halt of about 15 minutes.


Well, again it was time to leave from there and started off straight to Lonavala without any halt/break. We had almost entered to Lonavala and an unexpected traffic police ???? stopped us as we were not wearing a helmet [Our mistake ??]. Initially my friend tried to convenience the police man, but he was asking for Rs. 1000 fine just for not wearing a helmet. After couple of minutes, I went and convinced him by saying that we took off our helmets just before 5 minutes back on ghats, as we were taking pictures and we came here to enjoy with friends. Then after few arguments, he also agreed and I paid him just Rs. 200/- and we moved ahead. J Finally, we reached to our destined bungalow in Lonavala, which we already had booked from Mumbai in advanced as it was a planned trip. Well, there are lot to say and share about my Royal Enfield Bullet experience/excitement and feelings, but I have to end this endless story here.



Back to Mumbai trip experience is even more interesting, which would be shared with you all very soon in my next post. Hope you have also enjoyed my trip story. And, I would like to thank you all for reading this. "Happy Thumping" ??????????


- Harshit Shah

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Posted On:   Wednesday, 20 Jan 2016 Author:  Harshit Shah