Year End-Sunday Ride

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Year End-Sunday Ride

Breakfast ride to Horsely Hills on Sunday, 30th December 2018 Ride date - Sunday, 30th December 2018 Meeting Time - 5:00am Ride Brief - 5:15am Ride Starts - 5:30am Meeting point - Near ITI Limited Map - Feel free to share this event and invite your friends. Note: * Requires hiking, so do carry a small backpack, with water/hydration pack, snacks, and refreshments for yourself. * It's the small village, so do carry some cash and change as well (for entry fee & other food expenses). *Cost of breakfast would be self-payable. Please carry some cash. IRC Rules:- 1- Straight line formation 2- Tank up Fuel, personal ID, DL Original & bike document. 3- Riders are responsible for their own safety hence no speeding, overtaking, etc. Riding Gears:- 1- Helmet for both riders and pillion (Full face Mandatory) 2- Shoes for both pillions and riders(Mandatory) 3- Hand Gloves, Jackets, Knee Guard & Elbow Guard (Mandatory) Important:- 1. Please fill petrol full tank and check the air pressure before coming to the meeting point. 2. Carry a copy of all the Bike documents along with you. 3. Make sure, the bike is in good condition, get it serviced/check if required. 4. Ride time depends on how we ride in travel. We need to maintain the speed to reach the destination. 5. It is mandated that Biker & Pillion should be with Riding Gears Helmet, Arm & Knee Guards. In case you are joining us the first time, do register on our membership form and get in touch with any of our admins Ashish Singh, Pradeep Deepu & Narikot Rajiv Menon to confirm your participation. Ashish- 80505 08686 Pradeep- 90362 43665 Rajiv- 79071 13613 Any inquiry feels free to contact us. Best Regards, Admin Team- IRC Bangalore #IRCMC #IRC #Ride #Bangalore #Breakfast




Horsley Hills




140 km






30-12-2018 - 30-12-2018

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Ashish Singh

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