Royal Enfield ONE RIDE Chennai India 2018

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Royal Enfield ONE RIDE Chennai India 2018

Author : Royal Enfield Author RE | 22 Nov 2018

Love for the motorcycles and a passion for riding – One Ride 2018

Love for the motorcycles and a passion for riding – One Ride 2018 brought the global community of Royal Enfield riders together.

Chennai-based motorcycling group Royal Regals rode their Royal Enfield motorcycles as part of One Ride in 2018 and later got the video of their journey uploaded through the channel Kick TV2.

On Sunday, 8th April 2018, One Ride kicked off in different cities across the world with as many as 293 rides being conducted across 171 cities covering a total distance of 33096 km. The riders from Royal Regals assembled in Chennai in the morning, geared up in their riding gear as they hit the road to be a part of the global celebration.

The ride was in line with Royal Enfield’s philosophy of promoting adventure and leisure riding under its 'keep riding' initiative. Riders worldwide were encouraged to take their Royal Enfield motorcycles out and ride.

Clearly, for them, this was a ride for camaraderie and unity where the roads in Chennai came alive with the thump of Royal Enfield machines. The celebration continued as they were joined by fellow riders during the journey. Photographs were clicked and new friends made during the ride. The event proved to be a big success in Chennai with the support of all riders and enthusiasts who came forward and joined in the celebrations.


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