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Royal Enfield opens online store for apparel, accessories

10 Jan 2018

Royal Enfield opens online store for apparel, accessories

Once limited to Royal Enfield brand stores only and stocking only riding gear, the new range includes t-shirts, jackets, trousers, winter wear and a range of apparel and accessories, from regular branded merchandise to riding gear. And they are all available at Royal Enfield's online store

A range of branded accessories and apparel seems to be the only logical inclusion for a motorcycle brand. And these days, every well-known motorcycle brand has an apparel and accessories range.Iconic motorcycle manufacturer Royal Enfield has launched an entire range of branded merchandise, from t-shirts, trousers, wallets, bags, belts to the regular branded riding gear at their online store.Now, we haven’t had a chance to see the products in flesh, but from the pictures it seems quality is quite agreeable. Branded accessories do come at a price, with most global motorcycle brands also stocking their range of apparel and accessories at their dealerships. Compared to popular brands like Harley-Davidson and Triumph, Royal Enfield apparel and accessories are quite reasonably priced , if not over-the-top expensive.The apparel range includes t-shirts, jackets, knits and regular trousers. Prices of t-shirts start at Rs 999 and leather jackets start at Rs 9,995 and go up to Rs 18,999.  The accessories range includes helmets, gloves, shoes, belts, bags and wallets. The shoes range include the regular short and long riding boots as well as the new range of boots including leather riding boots and regular lifestyle sneakers.Royal Enfield has already had its range of riding gear and accessories available at the company’s brand stores for some time now. The launch of its entire range online, including lifestyle apparel and accessories is certainly going to bring the company closer to fans and owners who can now flaunt their favourite brand on everyday apparel as well.