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Confirmed Riders

1 Atul sangari Pune
2 Mohamad Khairudin Bin Ahamad Kedah
3 Khairul Anuar Bin Mohd Zain Kedah
4 Mohd Iskandar Bin Ismail Kedah
5 Roslan bin Che bakar Kedah
6 Shivnath Bhattacharya Jaipur
7 Mohd izwan faize bin ahmad Kedah
8 Zulkifli Bin Abdullah Kedah
9 Tavish Katyal Gurgaon
10 Sabeel Shajahan Cochin
11 Mohd Ekram Rudaini Haron Kedah
12 Gadireddy Venkata Naveen Hyderabad
13 azizul bin allias
Alor Setar
14 Alias Ali Kedah
15 Shahuddin Bin Abdullah Kedah, Malaysia
16 Shamsul Bin Baharudin Perak, Malaysia
17 Mohammed Azizan Kader Assna Penang, Malaysia
18 Vishal R Bangaore
19 Kameswaran Ramachandran Hyderabad
20 Rajesh Hattangady Thane