UPDATED: The Enfield Classic now roars!

New Enfield Classic is out; prices start at Rs 1.24 lakh
Ever since we saw the new Royal Enfield Classic being unveiled at an overseas motor show, we have cursed our luck and have been waiting anxiously for the bike to go on sale in India as well. Now, that wish has been granted, for Royal Enfield has unveiled the Classic 500 and 350 in Delhi.

For a price of Rs 98,000, ex-showroom, Delhi, the 350 is much cheaper than we anticipated, while the Classic 500 at Rs 1.24 lakh is another steal. If you're wondering what powers the 350, well, there are no prizes for guessing that the mill from the Thunderbird Twinspark would be the answer.

The Classic features timeless old school styling with a healthy dosage of new-age technology. Fuel injection is being offered on the Bullet for the first time ever in the country and power and torque figures have improved too. For the 350, power has gone up from 18 bhp to 19.8 bhp, while torque has actually gone down to 2.9 kgm from 3.3 kgm. Relaxed and comfortable cruising at over 100 kph all day is now a distinct possibility.

With the 500, power has gone up to 27.2 bhp from 22 bhp, while torque now stands at 4.2 kgm.

The wheel rims on the Classic have shrunk to 18-inch jobs from 19-inchers. That gives you the freedom to choose from a larger variety of tyres that are made of that size, besides changing the gearing.

Born like a gun. Goes like a Bullet. Amen.

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Posted On:   Sunday, 01 Nov 2009Source:   Business Standard Motoring