Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500: Road Test

It’s always a very exciting prospect when Royal Enfield launches a new flagship. The smallish Chennai based company has been churning out a steady stream of motorcycles almost since the days of the Raj and if anyone was to look at the kind of bikes the company made then and what’s rolling out of the factory gates right now, they might be forgiven for thinking little has changed in over the last five decades or so. But they’d be dead wrong. Classically styled and nostalgia fuelled they might be, but the boffins at Royal Enfield have slowly, but steadily, modernising the motorcycles they make, at this juncture they probably offer a very interesting mix of old world and new in a way nobody has really done so far. The last big jump we saw

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Posted On:   Monday, 10 Dec 2012Source:   Zigwheels