Ride the Thunderbird, leave your worries behind

Siddhartha Lal, Managing Director of the Eicher group which owns Royal Enfield, has every reason to be pleased. The iconic manufacturer of the Bullet is now going flat out with monthly numbers of 10,000 motorcycles. By mid-2013, the company will also have in place its new plant in Oragadam near Chennai. Lal spoke to Business Line about the changes at Royal Enfield and the road ahead.


A lot of hard work went into this, right from sorting out production, quality and suppliers to getting the right dealers, attitude, service, showrooms and products. The Classic was an important trigger. The reasons why someone did not buy an Enfield bike earlier have vanished with the Classic. Till then, people had all kinds of reservations about Enfield.


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Posted On:   Monday, 03 Dec 2012Source:   The Hindu Business Line