Date: 22ND AUG - 25TH AUG

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In the month of August every year, motor cycling enthusiasts and petrol heads from across the globe converge at the legendary salt flats of Bonneville. A week filled with excitement, camaraderie, and burnt rubber on one of the most unique surfaces on the planet. 2014 marks a special occasion for Royal Enfield on these hallowed grounds, as ace performance tuner Matt Capri brings two specially modified Continental GTs to the land of salt. The Continental GT is an ideal choice for the master of performance tuning to work his magic, due to the simplicity and customization potential of the machine's setup. Bonneville promises to be a festival of automotive and engineering brilliance with some of the most diverse automobiles on two and four wheels from all over the world.

Matt Capri adds the finishing touches to his customized Continental GT's as rider Nadine de Frietas prepares for the run. The final fairing and modifications, customized to fit Nadine, have been fitted on the motorcycles and they are prepared for the Burn-Up!

    On the TWINS- Inter & Conti
    Sorry, guys no trip story but a peek review on the TWIN Launches I feel the Tagline/ brand name could have been better like 'Twin Bullet650' or Parralel Twin 650 or Bullet Twin Spin 650 , which retains the very word BULLET and is a source
    Posted On: Thursday, November 23, 2017 Posted By: Sanjak Soy

Matt Capri is an ace performance tuner and a former motorcycle champion racer. He has raced everywhere, from New York to Mexico City where he won the National Drag Championship. In 1965, he won numerous trophies, on some days even competing in four different classes.

He is a specialist in building racing engines, specializing in camshaft development, which led to the capture of the 1976 Super Bike Championship title. Now, he specializes in high performance parts development and has had a number of successful visits to the Bonneville Salt Flats.

  • Bonneville 2014
    • Is the venue for one of the biggest gatherings of automobiles specially modified for the unique salt flats at Bonneville. Here, you can find yourself among a rare blend of performance and automotive enthusiasts and some of the most radically modified vehicles in the world.

    • The event will be held on the fabled salt flats of Bonneville, in northwestern Utah; between the 22nd and 25th of August, 2014.

  • Who is Matt Capri?
    • He’s an ace performance tuner and a former motor-cycle champion racer. He's won the National Drag Championship, built engines that have won Superbike championships, and set numerous land speed records.

  • What's happening at the Bonneville Salt Flats?
    • This year Matt Capri and Royal Enfield team up to bring two specially modified Continental GTs to the salt flats of Bonneville. Matt, a veteran customizer, along with rider Nadine de Frietas, will take these souped up cafe racers to the limit at motorsport's hallowed playground.

*Due to inclement weather, the final run has been postponed. Weather permitting, the run will now take place on 28th August 2014.

Date Comments
23th / 24th August Dry run / Gear check
24th / 25th August Final run