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For 120 years, our unwavering endeavour has been to be the ally of exploration for those who dare to scratch the itch to push the limits of where they ride to. More than a century after our journey began, our desire to ride to the ends of the Earth brings us to the icy shores of Antarctica. To take the Royal Enfield Himalayan, built for all roads and no roads in the mighty Himalayas and ride it through unforgiving conditions, all the way to 90° South - the South Pole.

The Route

The expeditions that inspire us

Our appetite for exploration is planet-sized. A desire to ride to the ends of the Earth. The spirit that has inspired so many trailblazing journeys.

Overland Pioneer

#90South | 1933 Overland Pioneer

In 1933, KS Jones set off for London from Pretoria in South Africa on his 225cc Royal Enfield Model A.

Decade Helmet Inspiration

#120 Helmets | 1920s decade helmet inspiration - Across the Sahara

In 1929, Bertil Hult set off on a journey from Stockholm to Cape Town, across the Sahara desert.

Himalayan Heights

#90South | 2019 Himalayan Heights

In 2019, eleven riders, all mounted on Royal Enfield Himalayans, set out to reach the Karakoram Pass, situated 5540 meters above sea level.

Pan American Bullet

#90South | 1997 Pan American Bullet

In 1997, Greg Staves completed a historic journey that took him from the Arctic Circle to the Antarctic Circle, a 22000-mile ride, in just 6 months.

Quest for the South Pole

Announcing 90 South: Our Quest for the South Pole

Royal Enfield has endured the test of time and purposeful longevity of not only our motorcycles but also our spirit to keep riding pure.

Everest Base Camp

#WhereToNext | Everest Base Camp - The Top of the World

Our constant search for the next epic journey led us all the way to the North Face of Mount Everest, colloquially known as ‘Chomolungma Lam Thu’.

Lo Manthang

#WhereToNext | Lo Manthang - An Ancient City in the Clouds

In 2019, we rode up through the Annapurna Mountains in Nepal. And travelled back in time to the ancient city of Lo Manthang.

Lake Khövsgöl

#WhereToNext | Lake Khövsgöl - Gliding on a Frozen Lake

With sidecars in tow, we danced across the glassy surface of the frozen Lake Khövsgöl.

Mount Bromo

#WhereToNext | Mount Bromo - Dancing on a Volcano

Beyond Jakarta and halfway across Indonesia, we found a new path where the road ended - a playground on the slopes of the active volcano, Mount Bromo.

Khardung La

#WhereToNext | Khardung La - Making The Himalayas Home

In 1997, we embarked on the ride that earned us the right of passage in the Himalayas, one that took us all the way to Khardung La, the highest motorable pass at the time.

Support the riders on their epic quest!

As Santhosh and Dean ride across the icy expanse of Antarctica, your support could go a long way in spurring them on towards the South Pole. Upload your club’s badge here and we’ll put it on the flag they’ll be carrying with them. You can also share a voice note to inspire them as they brave sub-zero temperatures to reach their destination.


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