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What to carry?

What to carry?


A vehicle will arranged to carry your luggage, and it will be carried at the owner’s risk. Each rider is allowed to place one bag with maximum dimensions of 40x35x25 cm and maximum permissible weight limit of 15Kgs. Each rider must ensure that his/her luggage is loaded and unloaded every day from the vehicle.

Satellite luggage (to be carried on the motorcycle at all times)

The support vehicle is the last vehicle to start and last vehicle to reach, hence there might be a delay in participants being able to access their luggage after reaching a destination. Also it can be tiresome to wait for the service vehicle for something as basic as a tube. Hence your satellite luggage carried on the motorcycle should consist of:

1. Change of clothes

2. One pair of footwear

3. Rain gear

4. Water

5. Any prescribed medicines

6. First Aid Kit

Riding Gear

1. DOT, ECE 2205, NTC 4533 or equivalent approved Full face OR Modular helmet that also fits right (right size)

2. Riding Boots :

3. Riding Jacket: All weather riding jacket with armour

4. Riding Pants

5. Riding Gloves: Snug fitting protective riding gloves

You can check Royal Enfield gear here.


Service backup – we will have a team of mechanics travelling along with some basic spares. If and when needed, parts may be replaced and the rider will be charged for the same in INR currency. We will do our best to help with the bike but in these hard conditions each rider is responsible for bringing his/her bike home. Therefore bike preparation is very crucial and the scrutiny will be thorough. We will guide you in both.