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Royal Enfield STD 350
Hey my name is Ashwin i bought the bull on 2016 not it covers about 16000km for long trips it's one of the best bike there won't be any back pain while riding a long distance . My bull give me about 48 to 50km I am very happy with my bullet!
Posted On: Saturday, 19 May, 2018Posted By: Ashwin Mohan
Don't buy a Royal Enfield
My name is Nijin I am from Kerala,about. For about 3 years I was using a classic 500 and the average Mileage was 30-34.i sold it and took a standard 350 2 weeks ago the last day I have done 1 st service and checked the mileage actually I was trapped my standard 350 gives me only 20km/L.The reply from service side was the irony they told "oh it's just common".if anybody can help me then plz help me
Posted On: Saturday, 19 May, 2018Posted By: Nijin Muhamed Nazar
Mileage problem
I have brought a new standard 350 BSIV about a 20 days ago.on 17-5-18 I have done my 1st service and I checked my mileage and it was just shocking because my average mileage is below 20!!! i contacted my sales excixutve and he told my issue then he told it's just natural now a days Mileage will increase soon and he just cut the phone what should I do to improve my mileage?dose anybody know ?then please help me
Posted On: Saturday, 19 May, 2018Posted By: Nijin Muhamed Nazar
New member
Hi everyone. I am a new member here took delivery of a granite himalayan efi today. Bike feels good so far. One issue is that there is no information regarding accelerator cable free play adjustment in the owners manual? Can anyone help me doing that?
Posted On: Friday, 18 May, 2018Posted By: Mugdha Mahanta
Complaint about defective bike
I purchased RE 350 on 22 April 2018 bt now m not satisfoed with the bike performance becoz thr is too much sound coming from engine and alignment of rear tyre in not in centre .., i visited 5 days 5 time @ sunshine auto mobiles for issue bt my issue is not resloved what the fuck is this i paid for this which which not good n vry poor .. the ,amager said that sir alignment will not be ok ot will as it is.. and sond from engine is common.. is this royal Enfield ..
Posted On: Monday, 14 May, 2018Posted By: Khushvijay Singh
Side stand broken
The bullet uce 500 std bs3 side stand have broken...it had been bent from the beginning and have considerably higher incline position..sure enough that it cannot support 193kg bike....It will be better if the side stand contact with the ground can be like a plate head rather than pointy..
Posted On: Monday, 14 May, 2018Posted By: Arun S
I'll never be going to RE service center anymore! I'll get all the servicing done by other mechanics. No ones ready to help at RE service center, today again i had to go to RE service center, and came back with yet another disappointment. RE has clearly turned into a completely commercial company that doesn't cares about it's customers instead just cares about it's sale cause their sale already has been rising! I have already mailed you guys twice, but no replies yet. No complain...
Posted On: Monday, 14 May, 2018Posted By: Pravin Singh
???????? ???? ?? ????? Quality
?) 6 ????? ???? bike ????. From wheel ?? spoke lose ???? rim ??? bend ????, ??? bike city ride ???. ?????? ????? ???? ??? ?????. ?) Color Quality ??? ????, color ???????? spot ??? tank ??. ?) Self ???? bearing ?? ???? ????. ?) ???? ??.?? = ???? ? ???? fix ???. ??? RE 350 classic ?? Petrol Meter ??????? ??? problem ???, ?????? ????.
Posted On: Sunday, 13 May, 2018Posted By: Swapnil Gotmare
Rear tyre tube issue
On Jan 2018 I bought royal enfield 350 gunmetal grey from kengeri, Bangalore. after riding for 4 months the rear tyre got punctured, then I got the tyre fixed by calling royal enfield RSA. Before that, I called up the sales person who sold me the bike and I took RSA number. Then I called them and they sent their partners to fix the puncture and took 150/- rupees and still the puncture was not repaired properly. They fixed puncture and changed the tube nosal. While leaving office I saw the t...
Posted On: Sunday, 13 May, 2018Posted By: Arif Mohammed
Poor quality product from RE
Hi all, This is Vijaykumar, one of the unsatisfied RE user. I have bought this bike from Velavan motors ( replacement centre) . They can convince any customer and replace the any parts even in a brand new bike. Since the first service I have been replacing spare parts. FYI: replaced everything except engine In the first 2 years, I have had to replace battery and cluster twice . There after small small parts. I have never seen such a quick ageing spare parts in my life.. not sure...
Posted On: Saturday, 12 May, 2018Posted By: vijaykumar P