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Over the past few years, a number of Royal Enfield enthusiasts from other countries come to India and buy our Indian models. Subsequently, they import the motorcycles to their respective countries. A number of them buy the motorcycle here because they feel it is cheaper this way. During registration of those motorcycles in their country, these individuals need to provide various documents and modifications to conform to the specific Ministry of Transport guidelines in their country. The Indian models do not conform to those guidelines and so they are left with a motorcycle that cannot be used, not to mention lots of good money wasted. If only they had bought the motorcycle through our official distributor in their respective country.


The following points outline some of the factors that need to be considered in order to evaluate what is involved when you carry out a private import. The scenario is as per the current terms and conditions prevailing, but you should be aware that legislation is constantly changing in these countries to prevent such imports.


Indian motorcycle models are different from EEC/UK/USA models and will not pass a Ministry of Transport (MOT) test.Models meant for other countries are not sold in India. The Indian model motorcycles cannot be registered in any other country other than India or SAARC nations as they do not meet the statutory norms prevailing there.


All UK/EEC specification motorcycles comply with Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA) and have VIN plates. From June 2003, all models of bike, not previously imported into the UK/EEC, must have a WVTA with the consequent VIN plate and Certificate of Conformity from Royal Enfield. All USA specification motorcycles comply with FMVSS rules and regulations and have a VIN plate. Each individual state in the USA also has registration rules that parallel the Federal rules so even if a bike somehow gets past US Customs the owner will most likely be unable to register the motorcycle.


A motorcycle that does not comply with the UK or EEC or USA rules may not have valid insurance, thus leaving the owner liable to an insurance company refusing to pay out on any claim, including third party liability.


Royal Enfield will not be liable for registration, compliance certificates or any documents whatsoever, which may be required for the private import of our bikes and it will be purely at the risk of the buyer.