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'Frank RE Bobber' by Meangreen Customs

Base Model - Classic

Meangreen Customs
Frank RE Bobber
Featured build

They say Beauty lies in simplicity. that is what we had in mind when we started work on the Bobber, we wanted to retain the key RE elements but give it a personality of its own. To do this we stripped the bike down to its bare chassis and started building from there.

We extended the chassis, removed the rear suspension assembly and converted it into a hardtail and lowered the ride height for better control and look. We fabricated the electrical housing unit to hold the wiring and electrical components, this feature significantly neatens up the chassis and showcases the hardtail fabrication. It also provides added protection to the components. 

Due to the extended chassis we had to fabricate a custom bobber seat pan that will go with sharp lines of the chassis. This seating position provides a race like stance for the rider along with making the ride significantly more comfortable. We Stuck to the classic Royal Enfield tank because it complements the design perfectly.

For the handle bar we wanted to go with the split clip ons yet didn’t want the rider to bend that forward and strain the back since it’s a bobber, so to keep the rider more comfortable and our look on point we decided to cut a tracker handle bar into half and use that. Didn’t know how it’ll look at first but resulted in complimenting the entire build. 

We chose a set of 19” Rims with sleek vintage tread tires to give the bike that unique blend of the past and the present. We decided on our signature matte silver paint scheme to accentuate the unique features of the build and to finish it of the MGC calligraphy on the tank. We used a thumping megaphone exhaust and aftermarket air filter to give it a performance boost.