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'Nevermore' by Meangreen Customs

Base Model - Classic

Meangreen Customs
Featured build

Rolling out of our workshop, this bike is an idea executed with the mindset of a truly different bike being created. Scratch built around a late model Royal Enfield engine, this is our stealth bike concept. In a sea of Royal Enfield bobbers, this hard tail is something else, we created this masterpiece yearning to build something unique in the ongoing trend of bobbers.  

Starting off with the mainstream Royal Enfield engine, we decided the standard OHC power plant would suffice for motivating the machine. Slight performance mods are found the fitment of K&N pod filters on the air intake, and a custom block hugging exhaust systemWith the desire for a stealthy look to the machine, the frame was built with ‘low and sleek’ in mind. 

With the custom frame draped so low over the engine, the 18 inch high wall tires utilised on the build hardly increase the height of the bike. The triple trees and fork setup has been made in house, with the speedo housing as part of the top plate. Incorporated into the top plate as well are all the necessary warning LED units. Built into the front levers are LED units, to be used as front end indicators.

Continuing the sleek lines of this sweet ride, the tank and fairings have been fashioned from bare steel, with the rear fairing taking a few attempts to get to the finish we wanted in the build. This was mainly to follow the lines of the tank and seat, plus incorporate the two shocks mounted under the seat. Incorporated into the seat pan are the brake lights, covered in mesh to hide them when not in use.

To keep the bike looking tidy, a cylinder was fashioned up and mounted on the frame. The cylinder contains all necessary electrics and the ignition switch for the bike, ensuring there is no messy harness showing on this rolling work of art. To keep the battery hidden away, a stainless casing was fashioned up and mounted.

With two very different ideas working against each other – that of stealth versus standing out – we managed to create something which is the best of both worlds. Utilising our skills, we have proven what is possible with the right tools and mind-set on a build. This build got a lot of appreciation all over the world for its unique form called the Bomber by a few experts in the UK.