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Ride Apart

10 August 2022

If you can maneuver through Bangkok traffic on a given bike, you can do it just about anywhere. If traffic makes you feel like a prey animal, maybe a Hunter is exactly what you need

There is no such thing as a perfect bike. A given bike can, of course, be perfect for you, and for your needs—but a Swiss Army Knife in moto form? It doesn’t exist. That said, the new Royal Enfield Hunter 350 is pretty good at slicing through congested city traffic—and I can tell you that with confidence because I recently got to put it to the test.

Picture, if you will, the city of Bangkok, Thailand. It’s hot, and it’s humid, and there could (of course) be rain. The city is a living, breathing place, full of color and food and near-sensory overload at every turn. At night, the already-bright colors somehow look even more vibrant. Is it the neon lights? The charcoal smoke wafting through the air? The honking of scooters, tuk tuks, and other vehicles as they inch—sorry, centimeter—their way forward through the throngs? Probably, it’s all of the above.