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Escapade Meghalaya is the perfect getaway for an explorer from the humdrum of daily life and a chance to spend the weekend in nature’s lap. Winding mountains, timeless topographies, picturesque villages, and a greenery that permeates your soul- the most tranquil setting for a rider and his motorcycle. Rekindle bonhomie with your buddies under starlit skies, Escapade is an experience constructed around some of the most exquisite countryside stretches.


23rd - 24th Feb 2019


Phi-Ro-Sha Myrdon, Nongbah, Umsning ,Ri bhoi, Meghalaya-793104


2 Days


Tented Accommodation:- Individual- INR 2500, Couple- INR 5000; BYOT- INR 1500 per person.

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