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Things To Know

Things to know


● Intoxication: We do not allow any form of intoxication when riding.
● Conduct: Participants are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that preserves their dignity and others around them, including other participants, support staff and locals of the region
● Environmental responsibility: We must try and ensure that we maintain the sanctity of the region.
● Medical advice: If you are under medical treatment we expect you to follow the medical advice very strictly.

What to expect

The course will involve a lot of physical activity so be prepared to sweat it out. Also, it is best to arrive well rested. The more energy you have in reserve the better you will be able to concentrate

A day for training calls for the right gear. Here is how you can come prepared.

Recommended Gear

● Full Face Helmet
● Riding Jacket or motocross armour
● Riding Pants or knee guards (big hard armour preferred since there will be rocks etc on the trails)
● Gloves (wear your most lightweight pair of gloves which allows you a good feel for the brake and clutch)
● Riding Boots (with good protection feel of brake and gear levers and grip)


You are requested to get your own Royal Enfield for the off-road training session. Himalayan is preferred but any other Royal Enfield model would also do. Make sure that you have done the basic servicing of the bike.