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Reunion South - How to prepare

How To Prepare For Reunion South Ride


Helmets: A helmet protects you from impact and shelters you from elements. At REunion South, a helmet will also keep you safe when you participate in competitive tasks. Pick one that fits you and your style well.

Riding Jackets: Make a statement by wearing a protective jacket that offers protection from impact/abrasion and completes your look.

Riding Gloves: Good fitting protective gloves are a must for every ride. Choose one which is a combination of style and features.

Riding Pants: Look for pants with protection in the knees and with winter liners, helping you ride in style, comfort and confidence.

Riding Boots: Select a pair of performance boots that look great on and off the motorcycle, completing your look from head to toe.

T-Shirts and Shirts: Select from a range of t-shirts and shirts with designs and patterns inspired by the motorcycle and motorcycling life.

Essentials: Royal Enfield motorcycling inspired signature everyday essentials make a great addition to your dopp kit. Explore these accessories at a store near you.

Visit a Royal Enfield store near you to explore Protective and Lifestyle Gear, and prepare yourself for this memorable REunion.

Although there are no specific preparations you need for Royal Enfield REunion South, please ensure that your motorcycle is in good working condition and all basic checks are done before you ride out to the venue. We would also like to advise that you wear full riding gear which would be:

- Full Face Helmet
- A full sleeve riding jacket with armour
- Riding pants (or denims with knee guards)
- Ankle high boots
- Gloves with knuckle protection.

Visit a Royal Enfield store near you to explore Protective and Lifestyle Apparel and prepare yourself for this memorable REunion or find your gear at

Carry a rain gear to keep yourself dry, in case it rains and warm cloth as the weather might be cold at Coorg during night. For any other tips on routes, bike or rider preps, do reach out to us by writing in at