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 Get your riding boots out and Be Adventure Ready! Train with the best off-road experts in India and unlock your spirit of adventure, ready to take on the most challenging and rewarding terrain of the Himalayas as the mountain riding season draws closer. Sign up now!


May’2024 - Jul’2024


Curated Off Road Track & Trail Riding


1 Day Event


Kochi, Jaipur & Delhi


INR 3500

About the Trainer

Royal Enfield Trail School trainer - Vijendra Nilagiri

Vijendra Nilagiri

Vijendra is one of the most experienced trainers in the country.A former supercross athlete, he understands off-road motorcycles and their use in minute detail. With his wealth of knowledge and experience with both on and off-the-bike training.


Royal Enfield Trail School trainer - Suhas KS

Suhas KS

Suhas has been riding motorcycles as a passion and profession for over 10 years, He brings onboard a vast and in-depth knowledge of riding motorcycles in various conditions.


Royal Enfield Trail School trainer - Nikhil Balakrishna

Nikhil Balakrishna

Nikhil has been riding motorcycles for more than 15 years. With over five years of professional motorsport experience under his belt, his analytical approach to riding off-road makes him an exceptional coach.

Royal Enfield Trail School trainer - Ashok George

Ashok George

Ashok has been involved with motorcycles for over two decades now. From motorcycle racing to being Road Test Editor at some of India’s biggest automotive magazines and is also an internationally certified motorcycle coach.


Body Posture

Body Posture

How to stand and sit correctly on the motorcycle when riding off-road.

Cornering Posture Sitting & Standing

Cornering Posture Sitting & Standing

Ideal body posture to aid in cornering for both seated and standing riding positions.

Motorcycle Recovery

Motorcycle Recovery

Techniques to recover a fallen motorcycle in various situations with minimal effort.

Slalom Drill

Slalom Drill

Drills to train riders to make back-to-back, quick direction changes.

Emergency Braking

Emergency Braking

Correct braking technique and how and where to use it.

Incline & Decline Recovery

Incline & Decline Recovery

How to control your motorcycle when riding uphill and downhill on dirt.

ADV Obstacle Course

ADV Obstacle Course

A selection of real world obstacles that one might come across on a trail and how to ride through them.

Trail Ride

Trail Ride

A quick trial ride to implement all the skills picked up in the training session.


Body Positioning

The All-New Himalayan | How To Position Yourself | ADV Riding Tutorials


The All-New Himalayan | How To Recover When Stuck | ADV Riding Tutorials

How to tackle Ruts

The All-New Himalayan | How To Tackle Ruts | ADV Riding Tutorials

How to take on the hills

The All-New Himalayan | How To Take On The Hills | ADV Riding Tutorials