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How to Prepare?

How to Prepare?

Motorcycle Preparation

Get your motorcycle serviced well in advance and do not wait for the last minute. At ground level the most important things are the tyres and the wheels. Ensure that you have adequate tread on them. We recommend you start the ride with a brand new set of tubes; you are less likely to face punctures.

Get the rims trued, an out of shape rim will affect handling.

Inspect and make sure that your bike has genuine OE parts, especially hubs, spokes, rims and other engine components. We cannot provide support for modified items and in such case you are requested to carry your own spares. We can make arrangements to carry them in the service truck.

Check the condition of front fork oil seals and replace if needed.

Check the rear swing-arm bush for play and replace if needed.

Check your chain and rear sprocket for wear. If you find that there are less than four notch adjustments or broken teeth, replace your chain and both your sprockets.

Your bikes clutch is really crucial for this trip, so make sure that your clutch is in good order and adjusted properly .When you open your clutch cover, also check the primary chain and the adjuster. Do not use any kind of additional insert under the chain adjuster. If the adjuster has reached its limit replace the primary chain

Check the battery and the earthing connections. If you have any history of electrical trouble, be sure that the problem is completely solved.

Check for play in the steering column and replace the ball race bearing if necessary.

Check all the rubber components like carburettor manifold, fuel lines, air filter manifold etc. for cracks and tears and replace if in doubt.

Check all cables and if found bent or frayed, replace immediately.

Finally tighten all the nuts and bolts and if it is found to slip or the threads are damaged replace the relevant parts.

If you need further assistance, please contact Shawn on +91 9884266405 or email him at


Gear up the right way for this memorable ride of your life. A combination of protective gear and preparedness will make sure that you are ready to traverse through the forest trails. Read on to know more on how to gear up for Unroad Kerala 2019.


Choose a good quality full face helmet, which protects you from impact and shelters your head from the elements. A lightweight well-fitting helmet, which provides proper ventilation, is vital for the success of this adventurous ride.


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On Unroad Kerala 2019, it’s important to keep your neck warm and covered with multi-utility headgear, which can be used as a scarf or a balaclava. The headgear is also effective in keeping the dust and cold out, and also wicks sweat away from your neck.


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When selecting the right jacket for this ride, look for one that offers good protection from impact and abrasion and is adaptable to the ever-changing weather conditions.

Some jackets come with built-in detachable thermal and water-resistant layers, while others have only the protective outer shell and give you the liberty of using your own winter and rain wear.

Whichever choice you go with, make sure you have armour in shoulders, elbows and back for protection from impact; an abrasion resistant outer shell to protect you in case of a slide; enough warm layers to keep you cosy in the cold; and waterproof and breathable rain-gear to keep you dry.


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Well-fitting, full length, gloves are a must for this ride. They will protect and provide better grip, give you more control of the motorcycle and keep your hands fatigue-free.

Impact protection for your knuckles and finger joints, abrasion resistant padded material for your palms, and a closure system for a secure fit work best together to keep your hands protected.

It is highly advisable to carry two pairs of gloves, one each for warm and cold weather. A spare pair also comes in handy in case your primary pair of gloves gets wet, say in a water crossing.


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Select purpose-built protective pants, which can withstand the rigour of a long ride and still remain comfortable enough to be worn for multiple days.

Look for a pair with protection in knees, a tough outer shell; and depending on your preference, go for one with built-in layers or combine your own rain and winter gear with an armoured outer shell.

Go for a size that should fit you well with all the layers inside. A fastening system at the bottom helps to keep the cold and water out.


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Purpose-built protective boots are best when riding across unpredictable terrain of toe, heel, ankle and shin protectors work with a soft foot-bed and flexing zones to offer you optimum protection from rock and road, while the waterproofing is useful at those river-crossings you are bound to encounter. Attention to sizing is a must, because what you need a slightly roomy fit that can accommodate up to 2 layers of socks without making the boots too tight.


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To be at ease on treacherous terrains, pick a purpose-built luggage solution which has space to store all your essentials and is water-repellent.

Saddlebags, tank bags and tail/duffle bags are the most common and best suited for this purpose.

The bag should have easy access to all pockets for efficient organisation of your things.

Also, make sure that the bag has tight buckles and closure systems, so that your gear remains secure.


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