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After Dark - Riding at Night

Riding at Night

Riding a motorcycle at Night is very different from riding once in the daytime. Once has to be a bit aware of a few prevalent changes that occur during night time. A few things that would need extra attention are listed below, however more tips will be given through guidance and advice of the ride leader with you on the ride.

- Lights - Make sure your headlamp bulbs are working fine. Adjust the throw and spread of the beam while sitting on the bike to ensure it is best suited for your height and weight and field of vision. Make sure your indicators and tail lamp unit works perfectly with brake lights too.

- Visibility - The visibility definitely gets reduced during night riding and hence ensure your visor is clear and clean. Also if you wear prescription glasses then make sure they fit well inside the helmet. Also make sure your bike and gear is visible to others. Use reflective strips reflectors at appropriate places. Make sure your lights or hazard lights are on when parked at the side.

- Hazards - The hazards on the road are almost the same as in daytime except that maybe your reaction time could be reduced due to seeing them. Watch out for animals darting across the road as some get active during the nights. Watch out for other drivers who could be slightly impaired due to various reasons. Remember your safety and of the people riding with you is of prime importance.