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Himalayan Odyssey 2019 Rules and Regulations

Rules And Regulations For Himalayan Odyssey 2019


Environmental responsibility:

Year on year, the Himalayas get visitors in increasing volumes. Over the 16 years of Himalayan Odyssey we have observed some of the most pristine and immaculate places getting deteriorated due to sheer lack of concern on the part of travellers. We advise everyone on the Odyssey to show concern towards the environment and ensure that we leave zero impact on the environment through our activity and conduct.

To meet the demands of the increasing tourists in the region, more and more products are brought into the valley with some of them packaged in non-biodegradable materials that are affecting the ecological balance and leading to unpredictable weather in the valley. Every year more material comes in but nothing leaves. Please do join us in our efforts to promote a more responsible motorcycle riding culture.

● Say ‘No’ to plastic: Avoid packaged/bottled water; refill your bottle with boiled/ filtered water. Alternatively use reusable bottles to refill with water. Where possible, avoid foods and other products packaged in plastic.
● Save water: Use water sparingly and wisely for activities like bathing, washing etc., particularly in the mountains where it is a precious and expensive commodity. Do not leave taps running when not in use.
● Save energy: Be careful not to waste valuable resources. Use local resources sparingly. Switch off lights, heaters/air-conditioning, and fans when you leave the hotel room.


We advise you to travel light. Although a support vehicle is arranged on the Himalayan Odyssey to carry your luggage, each rider is allowed to place only one bag with a maximum permissible limit of 15 Kgs. The sum of the 3 dimensions (length + breadth + height) of each piece must not exceed 62 inches or 158 cms for each piece.

The luggage will be weighed in Delhi before the ride starts and if your luggage exceeds the permissible limit of 15 kgs or permissible dimensions of 158 cms, you will have to either carry the extra luggage on your motorcycle or talk to the hotel to keep your luggage or you will be charged INR 200 per day per kg for carrying the same in the luggage vehicle. Each rider must ensure that his/her luggage is loaded and unloaded every day.

Satellite luggage (to be carried on the motorcycle at all times)- In case the vehicle carrying the luggage gets held up for some reason, we should be prepared and equipped to make ourselves comfortable for a few days. We would advise that you carry the following basics on your motorcycle.

1. One Change of clothes bedtime
2. One pair of footwear - to walk around comfortably
3. One set of tubes (in case of a puncture)
4. OEM toolkit
5. Personalized Medical Kit