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Motorcycle Preparation

Motorcycle Preparation

Get your motorcycle service well in advance and do not wait for the last minute. At ground level the most important thing are the tyres and the wheels. Ensure that you have adequate tread on them. We recommend you start the ride with a brand new set of tubes; you are less likely to face punctures.

Get the rims trued, an out of shape rim will affect handling.

Inspect and make sure that your bike has genuine OE parts, especially hubs, spokes, rims and other engine components. We cannot provide support for modified items and in such case you are requested to carry your own spares. We can make arrangements to carry them in the service truck.

Check the condition of front fork oil seals and replace if needed.

Check the rear swing-arm bush for play and replace if needed.

Check your chain and rear sprocket for wear. If you find that there are less than four notch adjustments or broken teeth, replace your chain and both your sprockets.

Your bikes clutch is really crucial for this trip, so make sure that your clutch is in good order and  adjusted properly .When you open your clutch cover, also check the primary chain and the adjuster. Do not use any kind of additional insert under the chain adjuster. If the adjuster has reached its limit replace the primary chain.

Check the battery and the earthing connections. If you have any history of electrical trouble, be sure that the problem is completely solved.

Check for play in the steering column and replace the ball race bearing if necessary.

Check all the rubber components like carburettor manifold, fuel lines, air filter manifold etc. for cracks and tears and replace if in doubt.

Check all cables and if found bent of frayed, replace immediately.

Finally tighten all the nuts and bolts and if it is found to slip or the threads are damaged replace the relevant parts.