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Rumble away on your Royal Enfield to the eastern shores of Puri, Odisha. Calling upon riders from all over eastern India to celebrate a weekend inspired by a motorcycling way of life. Participate in events that will bring your passion for riding to life and end the nights with festivities and bonhomie with some old friends and many new ones.


15th Feb - 17th Feb 2019


Sterling Resorts, Puri


3 Days


Single Registration: INR 5500, Couple Registration: INR 11000

Why you should be at Reunion EAST

Events & Schedule

Ride to Reunion

Create a route of your own or join the existing ones to chart your way from your city or town to the Reunion East at Puri, Odisha. This ensures you are friends with the fellow riders even before the fun begins.

Slow race

Take charge of your machine and your mind. Now slow down. That’s how your prove your riding skills and mental strength in this race.

Carry your bike

The event requires a team of four to carry a Royal Enfield across a pre-designed lane, without letting the motorcycle touch the ground.

Arm wrestling

It’s not about a display of your physical strength. But more of an opportunity to bond with your fellow rider. That said, there are exciting prizes for winners. So, play hard!

Figure of 8

The roads may throw in any challenge at any point of time. Meet one of the most common one at Reunion east and prove your motorcycling skills to overcome them.

Rideout from Reunion East

After the weekend of revelry and bonding, its time to ride out back home, carrying fond memories of the Reunion East 2019. Until next time !


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