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Royal Enfield Reunion East 2019

Royal Enfield organizes various rides and events for Royal Enfield owners all through the year. Reunions are regional events where Royal Enfield enthusiasts and riders in the region ride to once a year for an adventure filled and fun weekend. Reunions traditionally take place over an entire weekend starting on Friday going on till Sunday morning.

There are some friendly competitive events also scheduled at the event.

When and Where?

The Royal Enfield Reunion East 2019 is taking place in Puri from February 15-17, 2019 at Sterling Puri Resort.

What are the various events I can expect to take part in at Royal Enfield Reunion East 2019?

The second day of Reunion East will see a host of unique fun-filled competitive events being programmed. Slow Race, Maze chase, Arm Wrestling are some of the events that one can expect to take part in at the Reunion. Event rules and participation will be explained on the spot by the Royal Enfield team.

Do I need to bring my own Royal Enfield Motorcycle?

Yes. Ideally your own but in case you don’t own one you can always rent or borrow a motorcycle. We recommend carrying all original documents including Registration + Insurance to avoid any hassles with the authorities along the way.

How can I get to Puri?

The best way to reach Sterling Puri is to ride out on your Royal Enfield motorcycle! We suggest you plan your route basis the location you’re riding from, recommended routes being:

Bhubaneshwar to Puri - 75 kms
Visakhapatnam to Puri - 440 kms
Kolkata to Puri - 480 Kms
Raipur to Puri - 520 kms

In case you require any further information from our end regarding the route or the best places to stop at to sample some local flavours do give us a shout. You can call or email at +91-9176025252 / /