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Royal Enfield’s Unroad Maharashtra brings to you the experience of riding off the beaten track. It introduces the riders to something more than touring on highways and nudges them to explore the lesser known and accessible parts of the countryside. Unroad also helps the rider understand the versatility of his motorcycle and its capability to tackle challenging terrain, thereby inspiring confidence in a rider to initiate exploration in one’s own backyard.


3rd March to 7th March 2021


Off The Beaten Track


4 Days




INR 10000

Why you should be at Unroad Maharashtra

Events & Schedule

Check-in, Scrutiny and Briefing

Panshet - Riders to Check-in and present their gear and motorcycle for scrutiny. There will be a briefing in the evening at 1600 Hrs.

Offroad Training Session followed by Trails Exploration

Panshet - Mose - On this day, we will have a training session with basics of Offroad riding explained with an expert trainer. We will then ride on some practice trails around Mose.

Trails Exploration

Panshet - Jogoba - We ride to Jogoba and trails around. Today we will ride many trails around Panshet.

Trails Exploration followed by Certificate presentation.

Panshet - Tav - We ride to very unexplored parts of Panshet where the possibility of getting lost looms over everything else. This day we will be completing only 1 trail which might take us the entire day !

Recommended Gear