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Royal Enfield makes the most custom friendly motorcycles in the world. After that, its up to you to take them to the next level. These are your dreams in metal - imagination and craft from around the world. The best of the best, hand-picked for your enjoyment. Welcome to the home of the wild and creative, the wonderful and the weird. Welcome to the Royal Enfield Custom World.


'Cherry's Company' Challenger

Base Model - Super Meteor 650


Kaichiroh Kurosu-san from the legendary, Tokyo-based Cherry’s Company built this incredible custom Super-Meteor 650 cruiser and handmade sidecar, aptly nicknamed the ‘Challenger,’ for the Yokohama Hot Rod and Custom Show in 2024.

The 50s inspired forks reduce the trail and make the sidecar steering easier, with KONI shocks and hand picked coils that ensure the right spring rate whilst keeping the front end compact. The majority of the chassis remains stock for its super slammed look, with a sloped design. The stock neck has been customized and the engine has been moved to the left by changing the backbone and rear suspension pivot point, also accommodating for a wider rear wheel.

Hand built alloy bodywork flows throughout the build, with a unique custom made steel fuel tank, aluminum seat pan and headlight and a bespoke resin headlight lens all polished off with pinstriping and gold leaf artworking. The sidecar is a work of art, inspired by vintage sidecar design and the traditional dutch wooden clog. It sits on a 19-inch, 60- spoke wheel with its own disk brake, which is shadowed by the 21-inch brakeless front Challenger wheel.


'Top Gear' Continental GT

Base Model - Continental GT 650


In partnership with Top Gear Magazine, Royal Enfield’s in-house custom team transformed the stock Continental GT 650 into a custom cafe racer endurance motorcycle with a retro racer livery all inspired by Alexander Calder’s BMW 1975 3.0 CSL Le Mans car and full pannier set up from Malle London, a BAAK exhaust, Tom Hurley custom seat, fatter hand made spoke wheels from Central Wheel Components, a custom fairing, aluminum yokes, clip ons and rear sets from Harris Performance, adjustable shocks from Nitron and HEL braided brake upgrades being installed by Max Vanoni and Urban Rider.


'Roland Sands Design' Chopper

Base Model - Super Meteor 650


Enter the Royal Enfield x RSD Super Meteor build, where bringing authentic chopper vibes to the project was crucial for Roland Sands, “the bike needed to exude an OG chopper attitude with parts to match.” RSD started by chopping the frame and installing a peanut tank whilst the engineering crew sketched, modeled and 3D printed new primary,c am and counter-shaft covers for the 650 Twin. The stock wheels were replaced with RSD Morris wheels - a 16 x 3.0 rear and a narrow 21 x 1.850 front, with tires to match. Gold nitride forks were used to slim up the front end, whilst the rear end of the bike got cleaned up in line with the neck. The standard rear fender, seat, and shocks were all removed and the stock shock mounts were chopped. Taller Ohlins shocks were installed, and the rear fender dropped right on top of the tire. RSD wanted to keep the front wheel clean with no brake, so a rear racing brake caliper was installed on the rear.


'Izi's Ride:' A Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 built for a dystopian netflix movie

Base Model - Shotgun 650


Now streaming on Netflix, the Kitchen is a dystopian film co-directed, co-written, and co-produced by award-winning actor Daniel Kaluuya, starring actor and rapper Kano as the film’s main protagonist, Izi.

Based on the Shotgun 650, Enfield’s in-house custom team built “Izi’s Ride,” working closely with London-based artist and musician Gaika Tavares and the film’s production team. Leveraging Royal Enfields talented Industrial Design teams in both India and the UK, a plethora of designs were generated, drawing inspiration from sci-fi references, brutalist design, street fashion and cyber-punk film culture. After much deliberation and refinement, the best ideas were blended to create the final design.

Kano’s character uses this bike throughout the film, the bike itself becoming a character. The concept is that an original 2024 stock Shotgun 650 would have been modified and tricked out over time with all manner of futuristic tech. The grime that adorns the bike is all showbiz trickery, deliberately applied on set. “The ‘dirt’ is actually a series of aerosol sprays that are specially designed to replicate different looks of dirt,” says Adrian Sellers, who heads up Royal Enfield’s custom program. “So this is exactly how the bike appeared in the movie—loved but used daily by the main character.”


'An Bu' Kai

Base Model - continental GT 650


Koichi Fujita from AN-BU Custom Motors is notorious for his traditional sportbike design and raw mechanical builds after being taught by his father in the art of shaping and painting sheet metal. He designed the AN-BU GT 650 to look good being ridden on the road, as well as exhibited at the motorcycle shows. The build is named ‘Kai,’ short for ‘Kaizo’, a nod to Koichi’s heritage. It’s a word he used when customizing bikes as a kid, and it means ‘modification.’

All-new bodywork was fabricated for the Conti GT, with a new aluminum fuel tank & tail hump, carbon fiber front fairing and a modified upper frame to match the tank, tweaking the sub frame to get that 80s look - further helped out by the off set headlight surrounded by more aluminum goodness. Koichi then threw together a custom exhaust, leather seat, hand made clip ons, Kayaba forks, YSS shocks, custom yokes, a motogadget speedo, an enduro style petrol cap and 18 inch alloy wheels for good measure. The paint job is an AN-BU trademark where Koichi painted the fairing black with the carbon weave remaining visible.


'TXX Interceptor' by Thrive Motorcycles

Base Model - Interceptor INT 650



Thrive Motorcycles is all about family. Founded by a group of friends who couldn't find the bikes that they wanted and decided to go their own way, quitting careers along the way and committing everything to build one of the most creative builder companies in the world. Their builds reflect this, with a deeply personal vibe that is reflected in every detail and in a personality to each build that stands out from the crowd. For the Thrive T_XX (named for their 20th build), they took the stock Interceptor and remade it, adding both performance parts and some incredible craftsmanship to present the bike at Kustomfest 2018. Cerianni forks are both retro and tech at the same time, while a modern swingarm tips the bike forward in a distinctly sporty stance. Modern 17" rims wrapped in racing rubber make sure there is no doubt about the intention. The hand-formed aluminum tank is beautifully finished in green and gold - and such is Thrive's attention to detail that when they weren't happy with the paint job as it was, they re-painted it to make it perfect.


'Kamala' by Sosa Metalworks

Base Model - Continental GT 650



Cristian Sosa is a master of metal. His builds are like free-form jazz, each piece complementing the others yet completely unique, a sculpture sitting with other sculptures to create the final motorcycle. “Kamala,” Sosa Metal Works build based on the Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Twin, is no different. Presented in bare metal, it lets the materials speak for themselves - steel, aluminum, brass - each reflects the light differently, glowing in the countless hours that led to their final forms.


“Kamala” is inspired by vintage board track racers - its lean form and large thin wheels perfectly proportioned to frame the 650 Twin motor at its core. While inspired by this most dangerous of vintage motorsports, it is also a completely original creation, with Cristian letting the materials guide him to the final form. Often, a project like this will go through a phase of sketches and proposals - with Cristian, however, there is an agreement about the basic direction and that’s it - the rest is left up to the hours, days and months that follow as the form gradually emerges from the tools in his studio. He employs an arsenal of machines and techniques to create each build, ranging from hand hammering and flame to power hammers he has built himself - but is careful to point out that it’s not the tools that matter - it's the will and inspiration to make the thing that is most important.


In “Kamala” this takes the form of a beautifully narrow swept tank, perfectly formed around a completely bespoke rigid frame made of chromoly steel. Inspired by early Royal Enfields, a sinuous girder fork connects the wheel to the frame at the front, and a beautifully detailed springer seat arrangement holds the rider perched behind the motor on an almost impossibly narrow spring. All these parts perfectly complement the pure metal construction and simple retro forms of the 650 Twin motor, working together in a composition that is both tough and delicate at the same time..


Premiered at The One Moto Show in Portland, Oregon in February 2020, the bike almost didn’t make it - the time it takes to painstakingly make each part takes its toll, but a final week long push - and very little sleep plus a 16 hr drive - later, the build arrived in time for the show. Cristian spent much of that drive in the back of the van, still assembling the final parts together. The build instantly stood out at the show, and won one of the top awards presented the next day, even though it still wasn’t 100% finished!


Cristian formed Sosa Metalworks with his brother, Roberto, in 2012. Already an experienced metal worker from years as lead fabricator at Count’s Kustoms, Sosa has quickly become one of the most respected names in metal fabrication for cars and motorcycles worldwide - his builds have been featured in shows from his hometown of Las Vegas to Yokohama, Japan, and everywhere in between. Not content to just create, Cristian is also committed to raising the next generation of metal workers, and regularly runs classes at his shop and abroad to pass on the skills he has acquired over the last few decades of practice.


'HNTR' x King Nerd

Base Model - HNTR 350



London-based artist, designer and engraver Johnny Dowell, otherwise known as King Nerd, has gained a cult following by combining old and new aesthetics with his distinctive style. He may have been trained to the highest standards by a centuries old luxury institution, but his own sensibilities lean towards streetwear, ‘90s hip-hop and the city that made him who he is - London.


Whether it’s creating bespoke watches with Daniel Arsham, designing limited edition footwear with Dr. Martens or engraving bespoke pieces for Jaguar, Johnny’s work is instantly recognisable and coveted by hypebeasts and celebrities alike.


As a lifelong motorcycle fan, there was one Royal Enfield that spoke to him more than any other. The urban HNTR350 mirrors the King Nerd ethos of classic-meets-contemporary, and was designed for the very streets he grew up in.


Dialing up the HNTR350’s city-focussed design even further, the HNTR x King Nerd project pulls all Johnny’s inspirations into five unique machines united by a common theme. Manufactured in-house by Royal Enfield’s Custom World division, these King Nerd x HNTR350 bikes have been redesigned with numerous special touches from the mind of King Nerd.


Modifications to the bike:

- Custom paintwork with ornate scroll design and King Nerd 350 logo
- Bespoke nacelle
- Bespoke tail section
- Solid milled aluminum wheels
- Custom front mudguard
- Custom seat with contrast design and stitch
- Custom side panels with pockets for everyday essentials
- Hand engraved plaque by King Nerd
- Custom keys with King Nerd logo
- Custom King Nerd graphic headlight


'Neelkantha' by TNT Motorcycles

Base Model - Interceptor 650



Baggers were first introduced in the 1980s and were intended to be motorcycles capable of gobbling up serious touring miles with panniers/bags attached on either side to carry necessary luggage for the journey. The custom baggers scene exploded only in the last decade when custom bike builders realized the huge potential in this genre of the motorcycle.


Hand built by TNT Motorcycles, “Neelkantha” is the world's first custom bagger based on the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. Inspired by traditional bagger styling and stance, it features front and rear air ride suspensions. Operated with the push buttons mounted on ape handlebars, the ground clearance can be adjusted and can range between 2.5 - 7.5 inches. It sports a massive 23” front tyre mounted on a CNC machined billet wheel.


The hand-crafted fuel tank replicates the original Interceptor tank but is slightly bigger in proportion to match the bagger theme. Saddle bags and fuel tank both feature buffed and bead rolled aluminium panels in order to break the monotony of solid colour theme. A handmade tail light with the Royal Enfield insignia along with machined aluminum exhaust tips finish of the tail end in style. A total of 18 parts have been CAD designed and CNC machined from 6081 aluminium blocks, which include a girder set up, front foot-boards, rear foot-pegs, handle risers, exhaust tips, tail light mount, rear fender bow, fuel tank cap and TNT logos.


This build celebrates the engineering prowess of TNT Motorcycles and their ingenuity to bring about a unique custom expression of the Royal Enfield Interceptor as the Neelkantha.


'Arthur' by Bandit 9

Base Model - Continental GT 535



A GT 535 fit for a king


Bandit9 took our Continental GT into the realm of royal legend with their ground uptake on the Continental GT 530. Arthur is a truly handmade piece of art machine, a road-worthy stainless-steel sculpture. Bandit9’s flexes its imaginative engineering through Arthur’s horizontal suspension, carved footpegs, integrated speedometer, disconnected tank and cowl, bow-like handlebar, custom front brake. Each individual piece is a work of art. All the corners of the frame have been replaced with gentle curves to have the bike’s lines uninterrupted. Each piece “flows” into the next.


'Merlin' by Bandit 9

Base Model - Bullet



Building on the legendary Bullet


Taking its inspiration from the mechanical beauty of luxury timepieces, Bandit9 went to work on the concept with a jeweler' eye for detail. The output was simple, yet complex. Beautiful and functional. But most importantly, it had to feel like a piece you could pass down generations. In an effort to make the build as elemental as possible a hardtail replaces the standard swingarm and suspension. It was also important to alter the proportions to give Merlin an elegant look - a distinct triangular profile with a low clearance. The visual weight of the bike positioned in the center. As with Arthur, Merlin also sustains the flowing lines of the frame.


To finish the build-off, Bandit 9 utilized old-school saddles with springs on the underside of the leather that softens the ride. The speedometer was completed redesigned with engraved Roman numerals and the case is a polished aluminum capped with a bronze bezel. Other details include bronze brackets, custom foot pegs, sculpted hand levers, bar end mirrors, flush gas cap, custom handlebars, and suspensions. And of course, Bandit9’s signature chrome finish.

'SG_411' by Smoked Garage

Base Model - Himalayan



The future is something that many people talk about. At Smoked Garage, they try to make it real. Unlike any other Himalayan build before or since, the SG_411 strips the Himalayan down to its core and rebuilds it looking towards a Himalayan 20 years in the future. The build exemplifies the core characteristics of the Himalayan, projecting a military spec toughness that makes the SG_411 equally at home on the tarmac and off-road. The paint scheme takes its inspiration from military style street fashion, blending matt green with pop accents in gloss black and orange. The body over which that paint is applied is a work of art. While most makers would have molded it from fiber glass - by far easier - Smoked decided to build their bike of the future around a core of old school craft, forming the complex body forms from hammered aluminum. Not content to stop there, cut and etched polycarbonate blades are back lit to create both head and tail lamps, while an integrated MotoGadget system allows the user to turn the bike on before even leaving the house.


'Hooligan 650' by Bulleteer Customs

Base Model - Interceptor 650



Unveiled in 2018 and christened the 'Hooligan 650' this Custom Interceptor built by Bulleteer Customs Bangalore inculcates a split personality.


The motorcycle features a dual-tone black & white paint scheme, which depicts the two different sides of the bike - The INTERCEPTOR & the Hooligan. The black side is the law keeper with a " Serve and Protect" theme and on the other hand, the white side is the brash Hooligan version of the motorcycle bearing a "Trouble Maker " theme complete with a knuckle duster fashioned front brake lever. While there is a chrome-finish on the right side of the engine the left is blacked out with the engine fins meticulously brushed and ceramic coated, a fitting tribute to the nature of the twin-engine. Smooth and Civilised at times yet wild and untamed when required.


The HOOLIGAN 650 features an upside-down fork set up in the front, with custom triple tees adding stability to the 15in Custom vintage tyres with massive sidewalls embellished with HOOLIGAN and INTERCEPTOR branding on either side.


To bring in a sense of Nostalgia to build Ricardo Pereira head Designer at BULLETEER CUSTOMS had the handlebar placed ahead of the custom-made triple tees and this flows through the fully-digital instrument console, which was machined out of a piston from the legendary Lightning 535. The motorcycle features chopped fenders at the front and the taillight is placed inside a two-stroke engine's 350 cc piston on the rear fender.


The side panels are wrapped with leather straps while the Interceptor 650 gets a custom leather-upholstered seat that sits on a shortened chassis to accentuate the brutish stance of the bike. A scrambler-style side-mounted set of exhaust pipes curves around the engine cases and gives this beast a distinct "Growl" and the heat shields and wraps take inspiration from the barrel shrouds of a WW1 machine gun.


To sum it all up, this is BULLETEER CUSTOMS simple and yet powerful example of what can be done to an Interceptor 650 without compromising the ride and handling characteristics of this amazing machine.


'Interceptor' by Old Empire Motorcycles

Base Model - Interceptor 650



Old Empire has stripped an Interceptor 650 to its core - getting rid of everything that wasn't completely necessary and hiding the rest. A deep metallic red paint job matched to an Oxblood leather and Alcantara seat elegantly introduces you to a motorcycle that balances refined luxury with irreverent character. The lowered stance and blacked motor hint at an aggression hiding under the refined exterior while cleverly integrated bars exemplify the old school customization ethos of removing anything that's not strictly necessary, hiding all of the wires and cables with internalized controls. Similarly hidden, in a nod to modern technology, is the key - no longer the stock lock barrel type, but a keyless ignition integrated into matching riding gloves. Another example of timeless style blending seamlessly with the modern world.


'Midas Royale' by Rough Crafts

Base Model - Continental GT 650



Premiered at EICMA 2018, the Midas Royale build from Rough Crafts of Taiwan is a ride built for a king. Top-spec Ohlins components and attention to detail that is second to none set this build apart from the crowd. Winston Yeh - the man behind Rough Crafts - knows a thing or two about craftsmanship, working with some of the finest artists and fabricators in Taiwan to make sure that each part is of the best quality in both function and finish. Gold and carbon define the bike, with an all-carbon body replacing the GT 650 Twin's stock parts and gold pinstriping highlighting the contours of the bike. Not content to stop there, Winston had the rims replaced with full carbon BST units taking several kilos off the stock weight. A sweeping two into one exhaust perfectly frames the motor, terminating in integrated SC-Project silencers. And last but not least, the seat - beautifully crafted from hand tanned leather and aged perfectly to contrast with the technical perfection of the carbon forms.


'Vigilante' by Rajputana Custom Motorcycles

Base Model - Continental GT 650



When Royal Enfield commissioned us to work on an official custom build, it was a matter of great pride & a sense of 'acceptance at last'. This was the first time we had a chance to build for an Indian manufacturer & it couldn't have been more exciting finding out that we were being given the new GT-650 which hadn't been released to the public at the time. The very fact that the company had kept this beautiful 650 twin a secret for years was unbelievable & then to see it live & ride it for the first time was an absolute privilege.


Given the frame & geometry of the stock bike, we thought it apt to build a cafe racer. We simply rebuilt the sub-frame along with a funky single-sided swingarm and slightly dropped the trail numbers upfront with Showa forks to give the bike an aggressive stance coupled with more agility & better front end feel. Next came a home-made exhaust, custom mild steel fairings, slick tyres, a dash of paint, & a little bit of brass detailing.


The bike looked good & we were glad to hear that Royal Enfield was happy with the end result so much so that they let us have a crack at the Buddha International Circuit aboard our custom 650 'Vigilante'. This was the best part of the build as we were really able to put the bike through its paces on a state of the art F1 track. The slicks coupled with a mid-ranged SBK suspension setup proved to be unbelievably planted with tones of grip on offer when on the brakes entering a corner, carrying mid-corner speed, or barreling out on the gas. We only got 3 hot laps of the track & even though this was a not a thoroughbred race setup, it proved to be insanely good fun. Being a partly aesthetic build it took some getting used to the narrow seat but we managed to scrape the heat wraps off our exhausts when leaning her into the corners.


It would be 'absolutely ridiculous' (in a good way) if we could get some 650 owners to a track with decent track tyres & let them rip.


Following are the highlights of this build:

1. Single-Sided Trellis Swing arm
2. Fully adjustable Suspension (Showa Front off a Ducati 848 EVO & Ohlins TTX GP rear shocker)
3. Custom front fairing
4. Custom Gp style exhaust with brass tips
5. Widened Subframe 
6. Pop up gas cap
7. In tube taillight 
8. Brass detailing (Bar ends, Frame caps etc)
9. Marchesini Rims 
10. Pirelli Race slicks   
11. Brembo brakes with radial master cylinders
12. Custom rear sets
14. Asymmetric side panels/ engine covers
15. Custom cafe leather seat
16. K & N pods 


'Chai Shop Racer' by Jugaad Goa

Base Model - Interceptor 650