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From time to time it is necessary to initiate a Recall or Service Campaign to inspect or carry out work to a motorcycle. It may be purely as a product improvement campaign but in some cases it may be safety related.

A safety Recall is a modification or inspection that Royal Enfield has determined to be necessary and will notify the owner of the issue and request you arrange to visit your authorized Dealer for the necessary modifications to be carried out. Safety Recalls are carried out in accordance with the voluntary code of practice as set out and monitored by the agencies across the EMEA region.

A Service Campaign may also be initiated when a modification or replacement of a part is required due to a product improvement programme but not considered to be safety related. The work can be undertaken during routine servicing or repair, but we will notify owners to make you aware of the work required.

To check if your machine has an outstanding Recall, enter the machine details in the field below for confirmation. If you require more information regarding recalls, please email

The accuracy of this search is dependent on the vehicle details you have given to be correct. Any incorrect vehicle details may provide incorrect results.This search is only applicable for bikes that have been officially imported into Europe, Middle East or Africa.

Disclaimer - Data for the Vin Recall is refreshed once a month.

Chassis Number is Mandatory Please enter a valid Chassis Number Chassis Number not eligible

Your motorcycle with VIN does not need any attention under this proactive Royal Enfield-initiated recall.

Happy Riding!

Your motorcycle with VIN , the following Recalls are recorded to date and are pending.

Please arrange to visit your local authorized dealer as soon as possible. Your nearest dealer can be located from the ‘Service & Support’ menu page.

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For your motorcycle with VIN a recall has already been executed.

Happy Riding.