Royal Enfield has been associated with leisure and adventure motorcycling and under the various initiatives we activate which bring our enthusiasts closer to this aspect. Our rides primarily can be segregated into the Marquee rides and events conducted at a national level (through our dedicated rides & events team) and subsequently into the regional rides conducted through the regional showrooms as well our dealers.

Marquee Rides

We have marquee rides conducted by us which are scheduled for a week to a good 3 weeks and traverse some of the most interesting and challenging terrains in the country and even abroad. These Rides and events happen all through the year and have been designed to cater to the adventure callings of our enthusiasts. Enthusiasts can register themselves for these rides and event and be a part of the whole adventure experience we are creating.

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As part of our ‘Events’ initiatives we also conduct shorter rides from all our dealers and showrooms all over the country. Necessary support as well as guidance to the enthusiasts are provided on these rides from our side which serves as an important factor for these rides.

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Member Rides

We also provide a platform for our enthusiasts to create and propagate rides they plan amongst themselves and use our website to spread the message as well as communicate. Explore the sections to know how rides can be created and subsequently propagated across.

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