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RE Ignite & Technical Skills Competition

RE Ignite & Technical Skills Competition

Royal Enfield Launches Brand New Portal

We have recently launched a new technical portal called ‘RE Ignite’, a web-based learning management system providing technicians with essential after-sales tool kits and know-how guides for all Royal Enfield motorcycles.

The one-stop-shop, innovative portal will provide streamlining solutions across the entire Royal Enfield model portfolio. This will place extensive, portable and immediate knowledge at the fingertips of every technician, increasing the dealer network’s capability to ensure the best service to its customers.

The portal is loaded with a wealth of practical information for technicians keen to ever expand their knowledge about Royal Enfield motorcycles. True to Royal Enfield’s commitment to accessibility, the portal has been designed with simplicity as the key ingredient, with an easy to use format and supportive videos providing easy to follow steps in HD format.

To encourage technician engagement, we hosted our inaugural European-wide Skills Competition across its dealership network. The competition was based on 2 phases: a first phase involving 50 technical questions asked to all participants; followed by a second phase, which saw the top 5 scoring candidates per market asked an additional 15 questions and each also undertook an online interview to  test their extensive skills and technical knowledge of the motorcycles.

Beyond the esteem of being crowned the most skilled technician for their domestic market, winning individuals also received one of the brand new CE Approved Riding Jackets!

A huge congratulations to the winners of the UK competition!

In 1st place was Gavin Chatterton of Preston Motorcycles in Lancashire.

And 2nd place went to Adam Larvin from Bike Treads in Wiltshire.

We hope you enjoy your jackets!