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The Faces Of Royal Enfield


The Bike Den - Watford

504 Bushey Mill Lane, Watford

Instagram: @thebikeden Facebook: @TheBikeDenLondon

To date, how has your experience been working with Royal Enfield?

Very Good. We're really enjoying the journey and see both great challenges and opportunities moving forward. The future is very bright.

What attracted you to the Royal Enfield brand in the first place?

We were looking for a franchise for the dealership as we only retailed used bikes to begin with. We saw RE as 'sleeping giant' in Europe and the UK compared with its success in home markets-together with the price point of the models it seemed like a no brainer!

How has your dealership had to adjust its operating procedures in light of Coronavirus?

We have a face mask policy, and you must sanitise your hands once you enter.

What is the size and names / roles of your dealership team?

Steve Donovan - Dealer Principal
James Meggitt - Tech
Chris Powell - Tech
Dave Adams - Sales

What excites you most about working with the Royal Enfield brand moving forward?

Being a part of its continued growth in the UK and knocking the so called 'established brands' of their perch!

Describe the Royal Enfield brand in 3 words:

Pure Motorcycling Value

Where would be your dream 'Road Trip' destination and on which Royal Enfield motorcycle?

The pacific coast highway in the US on a GT.

What creative modifications would you make to design your dream Royal Enfield custom motorcycle? Or have you and your team already created something exciting?

We have built the ' The Dark Knight' (pictured below). Using the Interceptor as the base model for a customer. It's a bit of a beast! The Custom Build programme is something we're really keen on and allows our team to get nice and creative!