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Royal Enfield Through The Ages

Royal Enfield "Through The Ages"

In celebration of 120 years of Pure Motorcycling

Royal Enfield “Through The Ages"

In Celebration of 120 years of “Pure Motorcycling”, Royal Enfield.

Royal Enfield invites all motorcycle enthusiasts to join us on an epic historical journey; ‘Royal Enfield Through The Ages’ - as we bring 120 years of rich and prestigious heritage to life, as told through the individual stories of some of our most iconic and celebrated motorcycles.  

On display will be an extraordinary collection of Royal Enfield’s representing every single decade of our existence - from 1901 to the present day - including ‘Project Origin’, a faithful working replica of the brand’s very first ‘motor-bicycle’, unveiled to the world for the very first time during the live display.  This was the very machine that built the foundations upon which Royal Enfield has based  their enduring legacy of ‘Pure Motorcycling’, an amazing story of  creativity, development, ingenuity and resilience spanning 120 years - making us the oldest motorcycle manufacturer still in production to this day. 

Discover more about the full ‘Royal Enfield Through The Ages’ display here: